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Information is a Business Asset, and must be managed effectively.



Today, the most admired organizations are successful because they have outstanding products or services, superb customer service, sell in high volumes at low prices, manage information effectively to support their businesses, or effectively combine some or all of these strategies. Innovative companies have even transformed entire industries through game-changing technologies, or use technological advances in information management to create new business models with significant business value - think about companies like Google, Apple with their “iTunes” store, Amazon, or recently created Internet social networks, such as “LinkedIn”, “FaceBook”, or “Twitter”.

Data and information are different ! Data can be created, copied, moved, stored and transformed in an instant, and at virtually no cost. The unprecedented information explosion in recent years has resulted in a “data rich, information poor” situation today in many organizations, hindering their operations, often making it difficult to analyze or improve their business, or comply with regulations.

For many organizations, however, managing information as a business asset still remains an elusive goal. This is because information is much less concrete than all other business assets – such as human resources, capital, plant and equipment – which in fact can be only managed well through the use of timely and accurate information. Organizations know that information issues or problems exist, but struggle to find a clear way to get started to effectively manage this asset.


Why Envizion?

Envizion, an Information Strategy and Services consultancy, was founded in 2009 with the clear vision that information can and must be more effectively managed, in support of your organization’s business strategy.

Created by four Managing Partners, each with over 20 years experience in Business and Information management, Envizion can help you get started on the path towards better management of information as a business asset. We work closely with your senior management and all relevant “stakeholders”, to:

  • Understand the essential issues in managing information as a business asset within your organization, within your industry, in the current business environment
  • Assess your organization’s Information Management capabilities or maturity level, on an overall basis (or focus on specific issues requiring immediate attention)
  • Formulate an Information Strategy which aligns well with your business strategy, through a clear definition of the data and information needed to manage all other business assets
  • Implement business and IT processes to Define, Govern, Architect and Enable your Information Assets, in alignment with your business strategy
  • Help to educate all stakeholders and people in your organization about the continuous business process of effectively managing information, to achieve positive business results (and be sure to recognize the organizational and cultural changes needed)


In the Information Age, it will be the organizations with the best data, and who know how to turn it into useful information, who will be most successful. Those organizations overloaded with low-quality and inconsistent data which cannot be transformed into actionable information will be at a disadvantage.

Your organization’s goal must be to manage operations, transform data into useful information, and meet compliance requirements, with the right amount of high-quality data.


Start the journey, to make your information work for your business. Contact Envizion.

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