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“A problem well stated is a problem half solved. ”

- Charles F. Kettering, Inventor (1876 - 1958)


Before your organization can start to better manage information as a business asset, it is essential to determine the current state of affairs, to precisely define what information issues and challenges are impacting the business.

Envizion offers assessment services of short duration, to help you to:

  • Assess your organization’s maturity level for all or some aspects of Information Management, depending on business priorities. This can include assessment of capabilities in Information Strategy, Information Governance, Master Data Management, Business Vocabularies and Rules, Information Architecture, Business Analytics, Information Quality, Meta-data Management, and others
  • Identify potential short-term “Quick Wins”, to address high-priority issues or problems
  • Propose pragmatic medium-term plans to Define, Govern, Architect or Enable specific Information Management capabilities, composed of manageable units of work
  • Recommend the initiatives needed for a long-term Information Strategy for continuous improvement of Information Management Capabilities
  • The assessment services can be performed for an overall or “holistic” scope, or alternatively, focus on areas requiring the most immediate management attention


To be truly effective, Envizion believes that these Assessment services should be undertaken with all major stakeholders in the organization, and must include key business and IT management.

Creation of an Information Strategy, and initiatives to improve your Information Management Capabilities, are the first steps in a continuous journey. Envizion can work with you to understand your unique needs and issues, and help you get started.


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