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"As a general rule the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information."

- Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister and Parliamentarian (1804-1881)

Information Centres . . Decision Support Systems . . Executive Information Systems . . Dashboards . . Data Marts and Warehouses . . Business Intelligence . . Data Mining . . these are just some of the different names created over the years by solution vendors or industry “gurus”. These capabilities, which we like to simply call “Business Analytics”, are certainly very valuable, and are used by the business to analyze how the business has performed in the past, how it is performing now, and, how it can perform in the future, based on the organization’s business strategy and objectives.

These services are complex, and rely on trusted information from many sources, both internal and external. To truly serve the business, the information sources must be accurate. The requirements for Business Analytics must be clearly defined with the business, well-architected to support changing business requirements, and enabled through the right services of the organization’s Information Platform.


Depending on your organization’s maturity level with Business Analytics initiatives, Envizion can help you to:

  • Understand the organization’s requirements for Business Analytics
  • Define and manage the right Information Architecture to provide Business Analytics
  • Assess supporting Information Management services needed for successful Business Analytics projects (Information Architecture and Development, Master Data Management, Database Operations, Information Security , Master Data Management, Information Quality, Meta-data Management)
  • Assist in the enablement of the Information Platform, Services and Tools needed for Business Analytics
  • Monitor and Tune Business Analytics processes, activities and performance
  • Assist in defining the roles and services of a Competence Centre to fully exploit the organization’s capabilities for Business Analytics


Envizion can work with your organization, to ensure that Business Analytics initiatives are properly supported by business management, and provide real business value based on the priorities set by through its business strategy.

We will also help you to be sure that Business Analytics services work hand-in-hand with other related Information strategies and programs, such as Information Governance, Information Quality, and Meta-data Management.

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