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“The wisest man has something yet to learn.”

- George Santayana, Philosopher (1863-1952)

In the course of our work with clients, Envizion have found that there are often significant gaps, between the current knowledge of the organization and its people and the knowledge and understanding that they should have, to be more effective in supporting the business.

Life is a continuous learning process, and Envizion certainly encourages our clients to send their people to seminars, conferences, user groups and other forums to increase their knowledge which will help your business.

Envizion also believes that for Information Management, it makes sense to create specialized training which is unique for your organization, and respects the objectives which you have formulated for your Information Strategy or Information Management initiatives or programs. This is particularly applicable to initiatives or programs such as Information Governance, Master Data Management, Meta-data Management or Information Quality, where major cultural changes are often required.


Envizion can help you in this area, by:

  • Understanding your unique educational requirements
  • Helping to define which people in your organization can benefit from specialized training, based upon their roles and responsibilities
  • Developing custom course materials, and delivering the courses at the right time, to the right people
  • Incorporating new requirements into further iterations of custom training, based upon both management and participant feedback


Envizion believes that the success of your major Information Management initiatives and programs, especially those involving changes in culture or mindset, will greatly benefit from education. This training should clearly explain the business benefits and the means to achieve the benefits to all relevant participants, to gain their commitment.

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