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"Architecture is one part science, one part craft and two parts art."

- David Rutten, Architect


You will rarely hear about a large skyscraper which is built without the services of an architect. For Information Systems, there are often cases where large applications are built, with little or no consideration for the essential role of architecture. It is not difficult to find examples of large failed projects, which might have had better chances of success if more time was invested to be sure that the Information Architecture was correct.

Information Architecture includes plans, principles, models, standards, guidelines and the supporting organization to ensure that the information deliver business value and aligns the enabling Information Technology with business objectives, as formulated by the stakeholders. Information Architecture is a coherent set of models with Information as the focal point of management. In Information Management the models are referred to as Business Object models, Class models, Conceptual models, Logical Models, Relational models, and physical models.

Information models are the foundation for high-quality information systems supporting the organization’s information needs. High-quality information models enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises based on standardized definitions and architectures.


Envizion provides services to help your organization to:

  • Understand and express strategic information requirements. These should include definition of the major types and sources of information necessary to support the business, in a way that is understandable by stakeholders, complete, consistent and stable
  • Use Information value-chain analysis to understand the relationships between information, business processes, roles, organizations and other enterprise elements
  • Define and Manage the Information Integration Architecture
  • Define and Manage the Information Technology Architecture
  • Examine linkages between existing files and databases and identify potential areas for significant improvement
  • Define and Manage the Architecture for Business Analytics Services
  • Define and Manage the Meta-data Architecture


At Envizion, we believe that it is essential to clearly define all architectures which are relevant to the project, and to be sure that all stakeholders understand these clearly to move forward, in support of their business initiatives.

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