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“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”

- Albert Einstein, Physicist (1879-1955)


Information Development includes the processes of Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test, Deployment and Maintenance of a coherent set of models which represent the information needs of the enterprise, respecting the requirements of the stakeholders. The models are known as Business Object models, Conceptual Models, Class Models, Logical Models, Relational Models, and Physical Models.

Envizion believes that Information and Data Models are the foundation for high-quality information systems to support the business. High-quality information models can enable access to integrated information within and across enterprises, based on well-defined standards and architectures.


Envizion can help your organization to:

  • Analyze the information development requirements of the business
  • Define requirements for life-cycle management of the different models
  • Develop conceptual Data Modelling, Information Structure, and Database Design Standards, to be consistent with other information management capabilities, such as business vocabularies
  • Manage Information Model Versions and Integration
  • Coach and facilitate Information Model Reviews for quality, clarity and completeness, with correlation to business processes
  • Coach and facilitate Database Design Reviews for quality and completeness, with correlation to the main transactions


Information Development, like Information Architecture, is an investment in the Information Management capabilities to support your organization’s business strategy. Envizion can help you to do it right, to be sure that this investment pays off.

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