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“If management is about running the business, governance is about seeing that it is run properly.”

- Robert I. Tricker (1933 - )

Today, most managers in large organizations agree that information is a business asset, but are only starting now to assess the expectations of business about information, and to establish the exercise of authority and control over the management of information as a real business asset.

Envizion believes that Information Governance should be defined as a business program or process, and we work with organizations to help them to clearly understand and document their strategic information needs. Information Governance should include an organization-wide definition of policies, roles and supporting infrastructure for optimal information management.

Although the business goal is to enable delivery of accurate and trusted business information to the right people at the right time, Information Governance goes beyond this, by developing policies, standards and frameworks for issue resolution. Rules must be enforced, otherwise governance cannot be effective.  Metrics must be developed to measure and monitor the on-going value delivered by the Information Governance program.

Information Governance typically requires integration with related programs, such as Master Data Management, Data Security Management, Meta-data Management, or Data Quality Management, and can result in a centralized team or Competence Centre with the correct skills to manage the information.


Envizion can help you with Information Governance activities, to:

  • Understand the overall strategic Information needs (often resulting from Information Strategy studies or initiatives)
  • Define an overall Information Governance Framework, with appropriate policies, guidelines and rules to be followed by the organization’s staff
  • Define appropriate roles within the organization (Sponsorship, stewardship);
  • Establish processes, control points and decision-making authorities
  • Assist in creation of a central data management team or Competence Center; ensure integration with other data management programs (Master Data Management, Data Security Management, Meta-data Management, Data Quality Management, . . . )
  • Establish measurements to assess on-going business value of the Information Governance program

Many organizations are aware that they should take some initiatives in the Information Governance area. Envizion has the expertise to help you to get started, or to accelerate progress you have already made.

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