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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

- John Ruskin, British Art Critic and Social Thinker (1819-1900)

Information Quality is everyone’s business. In recent years, accurate and trusted information has become vitally important, as information becomes integrated with new marketing, sales and services channels (Internet, mobile telephones), is exchanged with business partners, or used for purposes of Business Analytics and, more and more now, for compliance. Your customers and staff must have confidence in the information they use, as the consequences could be lost customers, lost business opportunities, and frustrated staff.

Envizion believes that Information Quality is a business problem, and must have corresponding business processes to resolve issues. Information Quality should be pursued continuously and relentlessly, just as many automobile manufacturers have done in recent decades, with the assistance of Quality gurus like W. Edwards Deming, Walter Shewhart, and Joseph Juran. This increase in automobile quality led to significant increases in market share, typically at the expense of manufacturers who did not invest in quality improvement processes. Lessons learned in Quality Improvement from manufacturing are certainly relevant to Information Quality.

For this process to be successful, it must have business sponsorship, and apply to the entire lifecycle, with focus on both information suppliers and consumers, not only on the data. This is essential so that the needs of all information consumers of the organization are satisfied.


Envizion can work with your organization to:

  • Engage business managers who will work with Information Quality issues, and align with Information Governance initiatives as appropriate
  • Develop and promote awareness for Information Quality
  • Understand the most business-critical Information Quality Requirements, and define initiatives for continuous improvement
  • Profile, Analyze and Assess Information Quality
  • Define Information Quality Metrics and Business Rules
  • Continuously measure and monitor information quality, and address Information Quality issues as they arise


Information Quality Improvement is primarily a business process, and typically requires continuous awareness-building and training. This is certainly a team effort, and often needs a change in corporate culture by all stakeholders to be successful. Envizion can help.

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