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“Organizations that do not understand the overwhelming importance of managing data and information as tangible assets in the new economy will not survive. ”

- Tom Peters, 2001

Information is a resource used for business processes, just like human resources, materials, building and equipment. An enterprise will formulate its overall vision and strategy, to provide products and services to its markets. The business processes needed to run the business will create and consume information.

Envizion believes that an organization’s Information Strategy must be a well integrated component of the overall business strategy, and must provide timely and accurate information to support all business processes, for finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and other areas.

Envizion can work with an organization’s management, to assess an organization’s Information Strategy, and create action plans to realize the enterprise’s aspirations on its vision for information. This is needed to ensure quality information for the organization and its stakeholders and business partners, for the primary, supporting and managing business processes.

Envizion can help you with Information Strategy activities, to:

  • Formulate where, how, and at what price information and information technology can support and influence business strategy
  • Formulate policies, principles, constraints, priorities and direction towards information management for the benefit of the business strategy
  • Provide a framework for consistent decision-making in allocating scarce resources (money, skills, time) to the various information systems
  • Create a Strategic Plan, which will be a starting point for Information Architecture planning

Envizion can also make periodic “health checks” of the organization’s Information Strategy, at appropriate points in time after the strategy has been implemented (once or twice per year, for example).

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