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"Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold."

- Leo Tolstoy, Russian Writer (1828-1910)


Your customers . . . your products . . . your services . . . your employees . . . your business partners . . . are all good examples of the core information needed by modern organizations to effectively sell products and services, provide top customer service, and create business value. These essential building blocks are often referred to as “Master” or “Reference” Data.

Unfortunately, since the introduction of computer systems, this data has been managed in different ways and by different departments, resulting in information “silos”. Well, the age of “silos” is now coming to an end, as the organization’s stakeholders – managers, shareholders, regulators, employees, customers, business partners – will no longer tolerate this situation. These “silos” of information continue to cause poor customer service and retention, lost market opportunities, inaccurate reporting, and ultimately, is very expensive.


Envizion can help your organization move towards more effective Master Data Management, to:

  • Clearly understanding Master Data requirements
  • Identify sources of Master Data, including poor-quality or redundant data sources
  • Define and manage the Master Data Management Architecture programs or projects, including the proper governance aspects (guiding principles, roles and responsibilities)
  • Define classification schemes for code values and other reference data
  • Enable the Information Platform, for provisioning of Master and Reference Data


Envizion would like to help your organization to bring the age of “silos” to an end, especially as it relates to Master Data Management. We will work closely with you, to ensure that your Master Data will be a trusted and accurate information resource, usable throughout the organization (and with business partners), by many functional areas, for many different business purposes.

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