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“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.”

- Samuel Johnson, Author and Lexicographer (1709-1784)

When you visit a library, the first place you usually go is the card catalogue, to help find details about a book, magazine or other media. For Information Systems, Meta-data plays the same role (although one might argue that Meta-data in large organizations does not provide standards and services which the librarians have offered for many years).

The term “Meta-data” often sounds like IT technical jargon, but Meta-data is absolutely essential and provides great business value. This “Data about data” or “Information DNA” contains both functional (business) and IT (technical) definitions, and is vital for all other information services. Meta-data gives business meaning to the data, reduces training costs and the business impact of staff turnover, and provides proper documentation of data context, origin, and history. Meta-data reduces time typically required to research sources of data and information, and, with a shared business vocabulary, can enhance understanding and communication throughout the organization as well as with business partners. Meta-data also facilitates impact analysis, and helps to identify redundant data and processes, which can reduce rework during development.


Envizion offers services to help you to:

  • Understand and assess the organization’s Meta-data requirements, with all appropriate stakeholders. This should include both business and technical Meta-data, with clear linkages to the Meta-data “customers”, and the associated benefits expected
  • Define Meta-data Standards, including aspects of information governance (responsibility, accountability), lineage, availability, retention requirements, privacy and confidentiality, business constraints, update cycles, etcetera
  • Enable the Meta-data Architecture, to establish a Managed Meta-data Environment
  • Integrate Meta-data services (and let’s face it – many software products have their own Meta-data facilities)


Meta-data is used throughout the organization, and has many different internal “customers”, who rely on clear definitions of the information resources which they use. Envizion can help you to define and enable the right Meta-data services for your organization, which will be essential to support business operations, Application Development, Business Analytics and meet regulatory (compliance) requirements.

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